things I do when I’m snowed in

For a few months my TV has been making a humming noise. Not a great noise, a little annoying but not horrible. A couple of weeks ago it turned into a horrible noise. A grinding noise that drowned out whatever was on the television. It sounded like something inside the television was going to break at any moment. So I turned the set off for a few weeks, did some research, bought a part, and fixed the damn thing myself. Because I am a badass.

This is the piece I replaced:


And in the interest of full disclosure, I owe all of my success to this man. This lovely youtube user filmed himself doing every step of the process—a little dull at times, but fabulous for someone like me who is not so good at electronics.

So all-in-all, I think I had a pretty successful blizzard. I also made Blizzard Soup, which is basically all of the vegetables from my fridge that don’t have weird growths, thrown into a pot.

Now I’m waiting to see if the MBTA fixes itself by tomorrow so I can go to work. I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to walk down the hill to the T, even if it is running. We shall see!

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