dragons and dragons and dragons, oh my

The Sci-Fi channel pretty much made my life yesterday by showing nothing but dragon movies ALL DAY. I got to see such classics as Dragon Storm, George and the Dragon, and of course everybody’s favorite: Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God. Really, there’s nothing like a good cheesy dragon movie to brighten up the day.

But really, they were incredibly cheesy. Awful, some might say. But I actually kinda like really bad fantasy movies. (shhhh, don’t tell anyone.) So I had a good time.

But it made me wonder: are there good dragon movies? It is not a genre I have explored in any great detail. I know there are quite a few, and have even specifically avoided some (Sean Connery != my idea of a dragon). Really I haven’t looked into the genre much because I am dubious of fantasy special effects and would rather just read fantasy and imagine my own dragons than watch an obviously CGI lizard thrash around on-screen.

However, I have decided to expand my horizons. So over the next few months I am going to watch as many dragon movies as humanly possible. When I feel I have exhausted the genre, I will report back with my definitive list of top ten dragon movies of all time.


Any suggestions? What dragon movies do you like, what dragon movies should I watch because they’re masterpieces or standards, what dragon movies don’t you like but I should probably watch anyway because they have dragons in them?

Anyone? This is important.


3 thoughts on “dragons and dragons and dragons, oh my

  1. Here are a few you might want to look out for…

    Ones I liked: Dragonheart, The Flight of Dragons.

    Ones I didn’t like: Reign of Fire (it had its moments, but it seemed a bit weak overall).

    Ones I’ve not seen: Pete’s Dragon, Eragon, Mulan.

    B Movie Style: Q: The Winged Serpent (terrible… and they didn’t have the budget to show Q much).

  2. The first “Dungeons & Dragons” movie wasn’t awful, just don’t expect greatness. There’s a newish one called “Dragon Wars,” in which they invade NYC.

  3. yay, thanks guys!

    Of your list, Polenth, I’ve seen Eragon and Mulan (Eragon is DEFINITELY not making the top ten, Mulan will have to be rewatched). Will have to get started on the rest.

    KM, I don’t know what I expect from D&D movies, but it certainly isn’t greatness. :)

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