time for number eleven

There have been rumblings and rumors (rumours?) but now it’s official: David Tennant is set to step down as Doctor Who after this next (short) season.

I cry. I cry big tears of sadness.

<–That is David Tennant as the Doctor over there, in case you were wondering. The smexy one with the sonic screwdriver. [edit: over thataway now that I’ve remodeled the place –>]

David Tennant has been a spectacular Doctor. Christopher Eccleston was damn good too, as the ninth doctor, but DT has been spectacular. I’ve loved him ever since first I saw him:

when he played a parson or vicar or something named Gibson in the BBC adaptation of He Knew He Was Right by everyone’s favorite Victorian novelist, Anthony Trollope. Total scene-stealer, and already the women were fighting over him. I was thrilled when he was cast as the Doctor, and I am saddened that he is retiring, and I will continue to follow his career. I think he’s still gallivanting around London as Hamlet, but I’m not sure.

And with Russell T. Davies, the writer and producer who pretty much kick-started the Doctor’s return (in 2005), also stepping aside, I wonder where the series is going to go. I look forward to the Doctor’s future with hesitant excitement. It’s been so good, I am afraid of what might happen now.

But before that happens, time for the fun part of all this… let the speculation on #11 begin! I’m going to go ahead and cast my vote now:

ALAN DAVIES AS THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR!!! You know it needs to happen.


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