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As I posted earlier, David Tennant is retiring as Doctor Who. The speculation about his replacement is quite intense. Many very talented men are mentioned, but the man I want to see is rarely among them. Which is a shame.

Because really, is there anyone on this planet more qualified to take over as the good Doctor than Alan Davies?


Now hear me out.

He’s funny. He’s fashionable (after a… fashion). He can hold his own against Stephen Fry, who is at least as intimidating as a dalek, but he has a disarming innocence that will trick the enemy into underestimating him. Perhaps most importantly, he has great hair. And he seems like a really good guy. I’d like to just hang out in an Alan Davies TARDIS, sit around watching trashy television and eating popcorn and cracking jokes. (well, watch him crack jokes.) I feel like it’d be chill, friendly, and side-splittingly hilarious.

And he’d bring a certain laid-back je ne sais what the hell? to the Doctor’s adventures, appearing in random places and times because he pushed a button accidentally with his foot. But he’d always save humanity, and with such a charming grin.

Really, there’s no way Alan Davies is a bad pick.


His name is so rarely mentioned in these Doctor talks. So I am asking, dear reader, nay, BEGGING, that you go to this petition and sign your name. ALAN DAVIES FOR THE NEXT DOCTOR WHO! Two minutes of your time, and we will all get the Doctor we deserve.

If we can put Obama in the White House, we can put Alan Davies in the TARDIS. LET’S DO IT!!


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