Joe the Plumber will not go away

Dude. You asked a guy a question. Another guy totally used you–he could have used anybody–to make a political point. What makes you think anyone cares what you have to say about “American values?

And how the hell are you going to have a book ready for release on December 1st?

My favorite part of this story is that he’s signed on with a publisher that has published exactly ONE other book, a novel–and the author of that book is “co-writing” Joe’s book. And it’s being released on December 1st. Which is like, a week and a half from now.

Like, wtf. Seriously, Joe. WTF.

First of all, there’s no way it’s going to be good that quickly, and by good I mean both well-written and/or bound with something stronger than chewing gum.

Second of all, I don’t understand how you chose this publisher. Their website is practically non-existent, and what exists is badly written. (like, not unintelligible, but no competent editor would have let that novel’s blurb anywhere near the public.) Random House and whoever may be big companies, they may be part of some evil empire, but they at least have editors, and marketing departments, and money.

Third of all–do you actually have anything to say? And why should I care whether you answer yes or no?

Okay, I admit, I loved Joe the Plumber during that third debate, because McCain just used him ridiculously. But now I want him to go away. WTF.


4 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber will not go away

  1. Aww, that poor guy! Don’t worry though, Grace. If pop history goes to show us anything, all people that are a fad DO go away eventually. Just a little more patience. ;)

  2. agreed, i think his 15 minutes of fame have already expired, all the effort he made towards his book should probably have been spent trying to get a plumbing license.

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