in which grace has a hard time making up her mind, volume 32

Today I decided it was time for an upgrade.

I’m an adult now, see, so I need nice professional things and not gross college-like things. This applies to clothes, food, and–today’s adventure–luggage. See, I’ve been using an enormous computer bag/backpack-like thing that I bought like five years ago as a carry-on suitcase–it’s not even a proper backpack. So my luggage collection is that bag (which is covered in weird straps and whatnot that always get caught on things) and an enormous wheeled bag that I took when I was going to England for four months. But nothing in between, and nothing small that wasn’t irritating slash ugly.

But I’m going to Seattle in a couple of weeks for work. The ratty and gross college student style really just doesn’t work in a professional setting. So today I went luggage-shopping. The goal: a small wheeled carry-on, preferably in a vaguely interesting color or design, for a reasonable price.

I hit two stores, Marshall’s and Macy’s (opposite ends of the spectrum, what?) and took a total of about an hour and a half. Yeah I know. I’m a total pain in the ass to shop with. Marshall’s was a relatively quick stop, it only took me like fifteen minutes to rule out the one bag that I was considering (yes, I examined the same bag for fifteen minutes). Then I went to Macy’s and spent the next hour or so in their luggage department.

There were really only three or four bags that fit my requirements of size, style, and price, but I gave them each a fair and equal shot at impressing me. I opened them, I closed them, I wheeled them around. I made up my mind and then unmade it. I got distracted by bags I couldn’t afford and bags I didn’t need. I debated between purple and burgundy–which goes better with my purse? which is a better representation of my style?–and decided on blue. Then I realized the burgundy was actually my favorite color and that bag had a cool little zipper thing, but wait this other bag had it too–

Yeah, really, shopping with me is hell on wheels. I recommend you avoid it.

I ended up with a nice little something (brand forgotten already) in navy blue. I’m all set to be professional in Seattle, and I can take it home for Thanksgiving too!

Look at me all grown up.


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  1. Oh my! I’m definitely the same way. I find exactly what I need in different shades, and then some! Good for you, though, finding what you need in an hour and a half. It would’ve taken me twice that long! ;)

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