should I read Twilight?

I am not going to like it. I know this already. I tend not to like pop culture phenoms that are adored by screaming multitudes of teenage girls, unless we are talking Beatles; and I don’t like romance in general and the book sounds more romance than vampire; and Bella sounds like my worst nightmare as a person or a character; and people whose opinions I respect–and understand–have said things that make me think I will abhor it.

That said, I’m a writer, and Twilight is the hot shit right now in publishing. The new Harry Potter and whatnot. (I mean, I’m like 5 years behind, but whatevs.) I probably should read it, you know, as research. But man I so don’t want to.


Should I read it?

Vote now. I created a poll off to the right. –> (my first poll on wordpress! very exciting.)

I’ll probably close voting, like, after Thanksgiving sometime. Maybe Sunday.

Speaking of, this will probably be my last post before I head back to the land of mountains and wide open spaces for Thanskgiving. Farewell, everyone! Safe travels, happy eating.


4 thoughts on “should I read Twilight?

  1. No, aaaah, says I. I understand the “research” slant you’re taking, but I think it’s off. Researching a book that’s already out puts you, in most cases, a year or two behind what the publisher’s wanted–then, by the time you get yours, you’re years behind what the masses want.

    The trends will come and go. You can imagine the progression, if you like, HP–mainly fantastic, slight mingling of realism (I imagine, never read ’em) to Twilight– much more “realism” with romance, emo/goth/whatever mainstream stuff thrown in, hipper prose. You can take that one step further, whatever that might look like, or you can shoot one in the dark. If you’re good, the masses and the publishers will bend to you. You’ve just got to be that good. I’ll cross fingers for the both of us.

  2. Yeah, don’t bother. I read it even though I knew I’d hate it but, 1) I’m writing a vampire book, 2) I’m actually super interested in pop-cultural phenomena and 3) I really enjoy making snarky comments about things I hate. If you don’t fulfill those conditions, I see no reason for you to inflict pain on yourself. And yeah, totally agree with the above re: research. The pub industry does not need more Twilight clones (there already are a bunch), and it would be really unnatural for you to write anything like that, anyway.

  3. hm I must admit I am intrigued by the voting so far. although it is refreshing to see that “me in pain” is not the most popular choice.

    I kinda fill your critera, do’. I like being snarky, I’m fascinated by pop culture because I tend not to participate, and … well.. I have a vampire story hanging out on my computer somewhere?

    and whoa I was never planning to clone it. I was just thinking maybe I should try to figure out why *this* book became huge. that kind of research. but point well taken.


    *crosses fingers with Eric*

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