’twas the night before thanksgiving

So, to get home I had to switch planes in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Some of you may or may not know that I recently graduated from college in Minneapolis (Saint Paul, really, but basically the same thing) neighboring Saint Paul, Minnesota, which is not at all the same as Minneapolis, being much cooler and filled with much nicer people and generally 10x as awesome in every way.* And as we landed around 8:30 last night, and we were flying low over the cities and there was the Mississippi laid out beneath me–well, I got a little bit sad. Nostalgic. This had been my home for four years, and now it was just a stopping point.

And then.

As I was walking from gate G-whatever to gate G-whatever, I heard my name. “Grace!”

At least, I thought I did. I tend to think that every one-syllable word with a long A sound, especially if shouted, is my name. But I looked around, and I saw–

One of my best friends waving at me as the moving walkway whisked him away.

I caught him, of course, and we had a cozy little reunion in the airport while we waited for our flights. I kept wanting to reach out and poke him, to make sure he was really there.

I mean, really, was that crazy lucky or what? If we’d been in different gates, or if one of us had walked at a slightly different speed, or if he had had his head turned in a slightly different direction… wow. Thanksgiving FTW.

So that is this year’s story of thanksgiving. (dude, my favorite holiday rocks.) May yours be just as wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*edited to more accurately represent the facts


5 thoughts on “’twas the night before thanksgiving

  1. You just recently graduated from Macalester College
    in *MINNEAPOLIS*???? What the?? All that time. All
    that money. And still you’re confused as to what side
    of the river you were on. Sad. Very, very sad. I think
    I speak for all of us here (and you know who we are), when
    I say that we feel just a bit betrayed. Okay. More than
    a bit. ;(

  2. dearest Princess–

    *I* know where I went to college, but usually when I say Saint Paul I get confused looks and then have to add on Minneapolis. I was just trying to save a step. But you are right, it is false advertising as well as complete betrayal of my roots, so I will go back and change it. :)

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