move it on over

er, anyway.

Moving tomorrow! Well, sort of. I’m moving all my stuff on Saturday, but tomorrow’s the day the lease starts and the day the rest of the roomies get to town, and I want to be there for the “first day of the new apartment” festivities–wine and dinner! Also I want some say in which bedroom I get. :) So I’m packing up a suitcase and a sleeping bag and taking it to work tomorrow, and then I am going to the new place after work. On the T. With my big suitcase. During rush hour. Yeah this is gonna go well.

Whatever. I can’t wait. I love moving into new places. And this is going to be my first “non-transitory” place in over a year. Like the first place where I know I will be living for more than like 3 months. (England, 9/07-12/07; Saint Paul Apt #1, 1/08-5/08; Saint Paul Apt #2, 6/08-8/08; sister’s place, 9/08-11/08. god I’m tired of living out of boxes.)

I haven’t even seen the place yet, but I trust Kay’s taste. (Kay = the one roommate I know, a former college friend. note: not her real name.) But it’s in a cool neighborhood and it’s huge and it’s near the T that goes straight to my office. I’m so excited!

Hm. I suddenly smell Pop Tarts. Want.

Anyhoozle.  The one downside of this new place is the (temporary!) lack of internet. So I’ll try to post when I come back for my stuff on Saturday, or I’ll try to find a coffee shop with wi-fi, or something, or it might be a while before I post again. We shall see. Until then, have a lovely weekend.


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