and farewell, Seattle

Whew. Exhaustion it hits me.

I should be asleep but I’m doing a quick post now because I’m heading home from Seattle at the crack of dawn tomorrow and who knows when I will have internet again. Maybe the roomies got it set up while I was gone, maybe not.

I have had a fantastic time here. I mean, I’ve been working ridiculously long hours in totally the wrong time zone, but it’s been fun. Exciting. Interesting. Other such words. I learned a lot and I think I was useful, so it was a win for everyone involved. Because, yanno, the entire conference revolved around me.

So now back to Boston and my new apartment and a weekend of doing as little as possible in fuzzy pajamas while drinking hot chocolate. Yes, I have strenuous weekend plans. You may join me if you like.

Oh wait. I have to go back to my sister’s to rescue some of the belongings I accidentally left (you knew it was going to happen) including Boba Fett. And then AFTER that–see above about fuzzy pajamas and hot chocolate.

Okay. Plan.

Anyway. To bed now (this, bee tee dubs, is what a rambly, sleepy grace-post looks like) and then awake and off to the airport and then off to Boston. Woo-hoo!

In other news, I may be better at chess than I had originally thought. So LOOK OUT.



3 thoughts on “and farewell, Seattle

  1. it was kind of gray, Cindy, but not really cold. the sun came out the day we left…

    and YES AMY it feels so good to be home. I haven’t lived here for very long but it felt so good to get home.

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