reporting from Providence, RI

Hi everyone! Still no internet at the apartment. I’m currently in Providence, RI with a friend, drinking and writing and getting my internet fix. (yes, there are places closer to my apartment with drinks and internet, but this is what worked for me.) Will be going back in a couple of hours.

This is the weirdest thing to me about the East Coast. I can get on a commuter train and end up in a different state. wtf? I’m used to it being a major deal to go to the next state. Like a couple hours at least. Good grief. Everything’s so compact here. Compact and crowded and intense.

So anyway, I’m still alive and up to my usual hijinks. Just a quick post to say hi before I go back to the dark ages.

Seriously, I will be throwing a party when I get internet at home. A PARTY.


2 thoughts on “reporting from Providence, RI

  1. You obviously have not been following my internet escapades as closely as you should. :)

    Tho now I don’t have constant internet access so I’m posting a lot more sporadically than I’d like…

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