why hello there

Can I get a big HIP HIP for the Boston Public Library and their free wireless? HUZZAH! HUZZAH! I mean, I do have to walk like 4 whole minutes to get to the library from my house (uphill in a blizzard both ways), but will you just LOOK AT ALL THIS INTERNET!!! Heaven. I’m in heaven. And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak; and I seem to find the happiness I seeeeek…


Wow I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been away from blogging/internet so long I’m just kind of in shock, stunned into inactivity by the treasure now open to me. Where to go? What to do? What to say?

I think this is a good time for bullet points. Here we go.

  • The blizzard.  A big huge blizzard hit Boston this weekend, tho I don’t think it ended up as big and huge as everyone expected. So now everything is a winter wonderland and ready for Christmas.
  • I have finally realized without a doubt that the US Postal Service lost one of my boxes when I shipped everything from Minnesota. I wasn’t sure before, see, because I had been living with my sister temporarily and never really unpacked because I knew I’d be moving again fairly quickly. But there were some DVDs that I could not locate, and I began to suspect that a box was missing, but since I wasn’t fully unpacked I thought maybe I just couldn’t find my DVDs. But now that I’ve moved into my new place and unpacked everything, it’s absolutely certain. A box is gone. And not just any box. The box that contained some of my precious books and almost all of my DVDs. Yes, that’s right, most of my DVD collection is gone. Green Wing–gone. Shrek–gone. Yes, Minister–gone. Someone hold me. At least I still have the Star Wars trilogy. (And since the box was mailed in late August, it’s almost certainly in the Dead Letter Office by now–which is in Oklahoma, in case you were wondering. I am still investigating but hold out little hope.)
  • I fail at holidays. For those of you who were unaware. But I know this, and I keep trying to improve, so this year I bought my presents early, like the first week of December, and wrapped them. And now they are still sitting on my kitchen table even though they need to be mailed by… probably last week sometime. Oh well. New Year’s Presents! This is of course not including the presents I still haven’t purchased because some of the people on my list are impossible to shop for. Also–my ability to write and mail Christmas cards is a lot lower than I had expected. So far I have gotten 2 in the mail. My list has approximately 20 people on it. Maybe I should mail out Christmas postcards, that might be easier…
  • I am going to get a cat after Christmas. Excited, yes I am.

Okay that’s about it. I feel like for the amount of time I’ve been away, I should have more bullet points, but really I just don’t. Sorry. So now to wander around the library looking for DVDs since mine are, yanno, in Oklahoma. Or something. Sighhhh…


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  1. @Travis: I’m going to stick with Oklahoma, because it sounds so lonely and isolated and makes a better story. :) but thank you for clearing that up. your friendly neighborhood postman, folks!

    @Sexyface: well let me just post that here on my blog. oh no wait, nevermind. I’ll facebook you.

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