black-eyed peas: the legend is true

I am sick. And I know exactly who is to blame for this:


Um, what?

I hear you say.

I did not get my black-eyed peas yesterday. Black-eyed peas must be eaten on New Year’s day in order to ensure luck and good fortune for the coming year. (My mother is from the South–I have learned not to question these things.) And I tried, I really did. I bought them and everything. Was all ready to make them. But then at the last minute I decided to go to a friend’s house in Providence, where there would be NO black-eyed peas. I went and it was a lot of fun but of course I was worried about ruining the rest of 2009 just because of one day of foolishness.

I called my mother and was told that if I ate the black-eyed peas today it should be okay; I even got my little brother to promise to eat a double-serving to make up for me.

But apparently it didn’t work, because here I am, snotty and coughing. Happy New Year, my ass.

The black-eyed peas are now cooking. Hopefully if I eat enough of them I should be okay…