the eleventh doctor: Matt Who?

And here we have the ultimate, 100% most important reason why Gracetopia needs internet.

Under normal circumstances, I would have known about the pick for 11th Doctor Who approximately 3 seconds after it was announced.

Instead, I find out days later when my father emails me. (thanks daddy!)

I have to say, aside from the fact that he is not Alan Davies, the new Doctor looks pretty fantastic.


And I’m not just judging by his hair. If you click on the BBC link above, he really seems quite charming and wonderful. Granted, I haven’t actually seen him act, but the producers chose the last two Doctors quite well, I’m sure this boy’s good too. A lot of people hate him already because, well, he’s not David Tennant, but frankly few people are and the boy is trying to fill some big shoes so cut him some slack.

I’m jumping on the Matt Smith bandwagon (sorry, Alan, I’m fickle) and all you haters can go chill on Skaro with the daleks.