science at its best

So you guys remember the dark ages, how I used to not have internet? Well this is a news story that I bookmarked just before New Year’s with the intent of writing a post about it, but… I didn’t have internet. And while it’s still interesting, a real post now would be lame and outdated, since it’s an article about how New Year’s was one second askew, for some reason or other. Way last year’s news.

But basically, I just wanted to share this line. They’re talking about how one year, the machine that adds the extra seconds, or “pips,” went a bit haywire:

I asked the BBC engineering team about this, and they said: “Well, the technical answer is that the bit of equipment that creates the pips ‘threw a wobbly’,” they explained.

hehehe. “Threw a wobbly.”

Yeah that’s it. Not too exciting, but I laughed aloud. Oh, BBC, why is your news so much better than ours?


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