why writing is like getting pierced

Nono, it totally makes sense. Bear with me.

Dorothy Parker once said:

“I hate writing. I love having written.”

Which–I don’t know about other writers, but I find this to be entirely accurate, some of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. We all do, that’s why we do it. I just hate it when it’s not working properly. But that’s most of the time, and that’s what really sticks–the pain, the suffering, the “why can’t you get yourselves out of this plot hole!?” that I wail to my characters. But having  a finished story or novel in my hands (not a feeling I’ve had recently)–nothing compares to that, really.

Piercing is much the same. I hate getting pierced. I love being pierced.

And I mean that quite quite literally. I not only like the jewelry and the prettiness, I actually like the week of throbbing and the awful crusties that happen for months afterwards. It’s just the 6 seconds of piercing and inserting jewelry that I don’t like.

Both painful processes that I do anyway.

Really there was no point to this post, no moral or lesson. I suppose there should be. But it was just a parallel that occurred to me.

And if you are wondering why I have piercing on the brain, um, well, see, I found this awesome piercing/tattoo place within walking distance… yeah…


3 thoughts on “why writing is like getting pierced

  1. Post from a girl who clicked on your AW siggy blog link:

    I totally feel ya. I looove revising and making the crap I’ve written taste good, and then reading it over and knowing it’s not crap anymore – major high.

    Actually writing the first draft, though, that’s more like something really hard. I daresay I thoroughly dislike the process.

  2. @ Emilia: thanks for stopping by! I actually love first drafting, as evidenced by the fact that I stay at that step for soooo long. :) really tho, I get a kind of masochistic joy out of the pain of writing…

    @Travis: as of yet, I am only pierced. but we shall see…

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