not really a theater review

Tonight I went to see Frost/Nixon. On stage, not on film. Nixon was played by Stacey Keach (I’m apparently supposed to know who this is, his name is in really big letters) and Frost was played by Alan Cox, who is a new addition to my list of favorite actors.

Here is Alan Cox wearing a fabulous vest and even more fabulous sideburns:


Keach was very very good (not being intimately familiar with Nixon–“I am not a crook” is about as far as my experience goes–I can’t speak to his impersonation, but his acting was très fab) and I’ve lost the beginning of my parentheses and will begin again. Keach was very very good, and Alan Cox was even better, and the production was excellent. The acting, the sets, the directing, everything was excellent.

My apologies. Usually my theater reviews are more interesting than me just twirling around and saying “this was great!” but I am tired. Also, it was great.

And really, this post isn’t about Frost/Nixon but about Alan Cox. My new favorite actor. He totally smiled at me, by the way, while they were taking their bows. No really. Right at me. I was in the front row (student rush FTW–I love my outdated and undated student ID card) and he looked directly at me and smiled. Really. Alan, call me. Anytime.

Also, random factoid thanks to IMDb, Alan Cox is the son of another of my favorite actors, Brian Cox. (I’d say I thought there was something familiar about A, but that would be a lie.) You probably know B from the Bourne movies. Here is a charming father/son picture:


Just look at Alan’s snuggly jacket!

Okay, I’ll stop being creepy now.

So, I’m sure Michael Sheen does a fine job in the movie (which I have to go see now) but he has a lot to live up to. So does Frank Langella, actually, tho I guess really since he originated Nixon it was sort of the other way around… but I saw Keach first… so… now I’m confused. Anyhoo.

Frost/Nixon is in Boston til the end of the week, then it travels on to places unknown.


4 thoughts on “not really a theater review

  1. interesting post – loved michael sheens performance, but good to know which other actors (including stacey keach) have done it


  2. I wish you were still on blogger, it’s a bloody nightmare trying to keep up to date on all my regular reads. Consider yourself Google Reader-ed x

  3. You probably won’t get this seeing as you’re not on here anymore… ?? But in case you’re still lurking… just wanted to say you made an EXCELLENT choice in your addition of Alan to your fav actor list!
    I caught Frost/Nixon a while back in ’08 up in DC and we had a lovely chat afterwards, and I got graphs and hugs (HUGS! …. see, I’m still geekin out) He seems a really lovely, quirky guy; and in addition to his masterful talent and skill as an actor/extemporizer, and being a prolific performer (he has a massive, eclectic theatre resume) the man just seems TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! But I sincerely hope not… <3 Alan Cox

    1. oh no, I’m still around! just moved and without internet, so my posting is stalled.

      it is always so cool to hear that awesome famous people are ACTUALLY awesome! <3 Alan Cox :)

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