back to the city

So apparently putting “penis” in your post title like triples your blog traffic. Who knew?


Anyway, back from vacation. Here are some of the better pictures. The first is from the ferry, the rest are from basically the back porch of the house where I stayed (aside from the obvious one that was indoors, I’m trusting you all to figure that out…).






You know you’re jealous. :)


7 thoughts on “back to the city

  1. wow Sage you ended up with a really scary icon. huh.

    Soph you are always welcome to crash Sage’s vacation with me. :D

  2. Grace!! I came by your blog to check it out and let me just say… new favorite!!! You’re a pretty radical chick. And by the way I am very very VERY jealous of these freakin’ beach pictures. No fair!!

  3. “radical” is a word that is too rarely used to describe me. :) thanks for stopping by, Amy!

    and yeah, you guys are all soooo jealous. yeah.

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