the blue penis and other tales

The movie-going public has become entranced by the blue penis. So entranced that it’s all they talk about. Plot? What’s that? Actual enjoyment of the movie? Huh?

Seriously guys? It isn’t that impressive. Here, I’ll show you, so you can get all the wonder out of your system and go see Watchmen free of glowing-blue-penis-shock.


There. Now off you go to the movie.


6 thoughts on “the blue penis and other tales

  1. Brandon

    Come on this nudity is gratuitous. Not only did they need to show the glowing blue wang, but they thought ‘Hey if we put him in front of a mirror we can show his butt also”!

    Okay, so I have seen the movie and you are right; the blue guy’s nudity wasn’t that big of a deal. The sex scene however was creepy. You already mentioned the fact that ‘Hallelujah’ was playing in the background, but the ship spewing fire was also a nice touch…

  2. grace

    the ship spewing fire pretty much made me want to vomit. I don’t understand why everybody’s like “BLUE PENIS!” but nobody’s like “WTF SUPERHERO SEX?!”

    I think probably I should type the phrase “blue penis” once more today, just in case I don’t meet my daily quota. blue penis.

    (and yeah did you like how I found a picture that showed ALL aspects of his nudity. google skills win.)

  3. Brandon

    The glowing blue dong and the superhero sex made me laugh; what offended me was Denny Duckett playing the comedian. How could he be the comedian, Izzy cut his LVAD wire? Since the movie was set in the past, I guess this is possible, but it was still hard for me to swallow.

    I have probably harrased you enough for one morning.

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