Watchmen, part deux

It’s official. Watchmen is definitely better the second time.

Some observations from this second viewing:

  • The Comedian may be one of my favorite characters ever created, and at the very least Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of him is some of the best acting I’ve seen in a while.
  • I like Nite Owl II better before he goes all hero up in there. He’s just more interesting as a former, broken hero. Also before he starts getting laid.
  • Ozymandias’s costume shoes are fake Egyptian sandals.
  • Janis Joplin is playing in the bar in Vietnam.
  • Rorschach’s Christian Bale Batman voice was less grating the second time.
  • Any superhero costume that requires a bikini wax takes just a leetle too much effort, imho.
  • The sex scenes weren’t as painful the second time, I think because I knew for a fact that they ended at some point. Whereas the first time I was in doubt.
  • Laurie becomes more unbearable to watch with repeated viewings. I may have to fast forward through some scenes once I get the DVD.
  • My cat just sneezed 7 times. This is unrelated to the movie but is amusing and adorable.

Thus ends today’s Watchmen news. Who knows what tomorrow has in store?