coming attractions

Coming soon to Gracetopia!


Many of you who know me may be thinking that you have come to the wrong Gracetopia. Grace? Getting rid of books? What?

It’s true.

See, there are some books that I just don’t want to read a 2nd time. I may not actively dislike them, or I may, but I’m pretty sure I’m done with them. Either way they’re just taking up space on my shelves where I could put, say, Neil Gaiman books or my 4th copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Also, someone else might want to read them, and giving away books gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that I don’t get from reselling them.

So here’s the deal.

I will post the book and if you want it, comment. Whoever wants it, gets it! Easy-peasy. I have no illusions of grandness, I don’t think I have enough readers for there to be a huge fight , but if more than one person wants it I’ll draw names or something. Tape names to the wall and throw darts. Something like that. You have to be willing to email me your address (I’m not creepy I promise) but that’s the only requirement.

Stay tuned for the first giveaway!


4 thoughts on “coming attractions

  1. Cool. My book collection is pretty sparse right now so I’ll keep a look out. Besides I’ll need something to do since I won’t be watching my Star in the playoffs this year. Man that hurt to type.

  2. think of all the free time you’ll have! ;)

    The first one for sure is going to be a kid’s book–I’ve forgotten how old your boys are, but just eff why eye.

  3. The peasants get restless when it is quiet in Gracetopia for so long… I’m glad you are back, but no more breaks for you!

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