Mediocre Friday

Today was supposed to be a wonderful day.

I took off from work. Good Friday is an optional holiday at my office—one that I do not celebrate, but hey, why not? The weather was supposed to be beautiful, I could take a break and kick back—lovely, right? Right. Except.

I slept til like 11:30. Awesomesauce.

And then our internet was out.

Fuck you, NSTAR. Why did you choose today of all days to make some upgrade to the neighborhood’s electricity? WTF? The one day I stay home from work and want to veg out.

Oh well. I’m adaptable. I take my book and go upstairs to our deck, which is probably what I would have done anyway. I just would have taken my laptop too.

I open the door to our deck. I step out.

“Ouch,” I say. “What was that sharp prick in my foot?”

So I reach down and pull a rusty nail out of my foot.

“Oh,” I say. “That can’t be good.”

And thus begins the Great Tetanus Shot Saga.

See, I don’t have a doctor. I chose a random name out of the doctor book on my first day of work, so I had someone to put on my form as my Primary Care Physician. Some random name. We’ll call her Dr. Doobie. But all I have is her name.

And I don’t have internet. And I can’t find her in the phone book. And I can’t go to anyone else, because one thing I do know about my health insurance is that I can’t go to anyone unless I’m referred by Dr. Doobie, because she is the doctor on my form.

So I walk down to the library and look her up, and it’s within walking distance so I walk on over.

I enter the clinic. I explain what has happened and that I would like to get a tetanus shot please because I do not remember the last time I had one and it seems kind of urgent that I get one.

“We are not a walk-in clinic,” I am told. “In order for us to do this, you need to do a physical and a health assessment. We can make an appointment for next Friday?”

Me: “Um, what? I just need to get a tetanus shot.”

So I left.

I was unsure what to do. I’m new to this adult stuff, and I don’t know how serious tetanus is, really, so I didn’t really know how much of an emergency this was. Like, did I need to get to a doctor ASAP? Could I wait til next week? AND I DIDN’T HAVE INTERNET TO LOOK ANYTHING UP.

My roommate called her nurse-mother and I decided I should go get a shot.

But what to do? And ER sounded excessive. My insurance wouldn’t cover it unless I changed my PCP, which I couldn’t do without using the internet to access the list of approved providers and then calling them to see if they could help me.


One of my roommates works at a medical center. Farther away, but I knew where it was. And they were in the phone book. I called. A tetanus shot for a walk-in: $15.  Totally doable.

So I went, and surprised my roommate, and she saved me from getting lockjaw.

And then my other roommate and I went and bought a case of 2-buck chuck. So now life is good. Except my arm hurts.