book giveaway: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

First book giveaway from Gracetopia!


The Lightning Thief is the first in a series about modern-day children of the Olympians—the theory being that there are still Greek gods running around and they’re still having just as much sex as they did way back when. From

From School Library Journal
Grade 5-9–At the outset of this fast-paced tale by Rick Riordan (Hyperion/Miramax, 2005), it would seem that Percy Jackson is just another New York kid diagnosed with ADHD, who has good intentions, a nasty stepfather, and a long line of schools that have rejected him. The revelation of his status as half-blood offspring of one of the Greek gods is nicely packaged, and it’s easy to believe that Mount Olympus, in modern times, has migrated to the 600th floor of the Empire State Building (the center of Western civilization) while the door to Hades can be found at DOA Recording Studio, somewhere in LA. With his new friends, a disguised satyr, and the half-blood daughter of Athena, Percy sets out across the country to rectify a feud between Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. Along the way they must cope with the Furies, Medusa, motorcycle thug Ares, and various other immortals. Although some of Jesse Bernstein’s accents fail (the monster from Georgia, for instance, has no Southern trace in her voice), he does a fine job of keeping the main characters’ tones and accents distinguishable. He convincingly portrays Percy, voicing just the right amount of prepubescent confusion, ironic wit, and the ebbing and waning of concern for himself and those around him. Mythology fans will love this take and kids who haven’t been inculcated with the Classical canon will learn aspects of it here while having no trouble following a rollicking good–and modern–adventure.–Francisca Goldsmith, Berkeley Public Library, CA

My copy is a paperback and as far as I can tell is in good condition. If you would like this book, leave a comment telling me so. I’ll keep bidding open a few days-to-a-week and then pick a winner. You will give me an address and I will wrap it up and mail it—I pay shipping! Really, this couldn’t be easier.


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