So guys.

Wells Tower is, basically, the shit.

You may recall that earlier in the week I expressed my doubts that this writer with the funny name could be nearly as good as all the critics were saying. But Jesus, he is.

I went to his reading tonight at Brookline Booksmith here in Boston. (go there! buy books!) Wells Tower read from an unpublished memoir-in-progress, a section about his somewhat volatile, fisticuff-filled relationship with his brother. It was fabulous. It was brilliant. It was funny. Tower is a great reader, sometimes making the motions and facial expressions he is reading, and his voice is beautiful and rich and perfect.

After reading he took questions, during which he continued to say funny things. My favorite line came after the inane but  common audience question, “What is your writing schedule like?”

Answer: “I have found that it takes at least 12 hours of doing nothing to get 3 hours of work done. Generally I try to start doing nothing by 9am.”

OMG Wells, I love you.

call me, Wells
call me, Wells

So I would like to officially announce myself as Wells Tower’s #1 Fangirl. You can read an excerpt from Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned here—you can also buy a copy through that link.

Speaking of which. As sort of a ridiculous epilogue to my little adventure today. See, I bought the book earlier this week (when I made that earlier post) from amazon, before the amazon kerfuffle and before I knew he was coming here. So then I tried to cancel the order but it was too late, so I didn’t have anything for him to sign tonight. (sorry, I can’t actually afford multiple copies of the same book…) And then I got home and guess what I found waiting for me? Yup. Amazon box.

Oh well.

Oh Wells. :)