sunday sunday

Good evening, everyone.

Currently listening to: the Sharks game. Gooooo Sharks! I wish I didn’t have to listen to it on the radio, b/c the radio announcers are even more annoying than the normal announcers. Oh well. Someday I’ll own the Sharks, so they’ll save me box seats for every game. (hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Anyway, I’m spending the weekend taking the kid brother to colleges. Tomorrow we’re going to have the fun experience of trying to drive in Boston on the day of the marathon. Luckily we’re closer to the freeway than to the race, so maybe we can just make a quick escape. Maybe…

The fact that I can take tomorrow off is weird to me. Like, I saw on my work schedule that April 20 was an optional holiday, and I was like, “what? we get 4/20 off?” Then I figured it out. But still. You silly New Englanders and your silly holidays. :)

Anaheim just scored. Damn it. This is not going well.


One thought on “sunday sunday

  1. all places should offer 4/20 as an optional holiday. Or an optional “come to work and don’t work but be chill about it” day.

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