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So. I have a question.

The new Star Trek movie comes out in two weeks. I have been looking forward to this for over a year, ever since I knew Simon Pegg would be playing Scotty. Because I love Simon Pegg and would pay to see him read the phone book. Also because I… liked… Star Trek.

I couldn’t really say that I loved it because until a couple of days ago I’d seen maybe 6 episodes total.

I realize my sci-fi street cred is tarnished slightly because of this. It’s not that I ever disliked it. I actually know quite a bit about the series (well, TOS and TNG at least) considering how little I’ve seen of it. (Though I must admit I get confused sometimes because my original introduction was my childhood friend’s Star Trek toy set wherin Counselor Troi, Captain Janeway, and Mr. Spock all shared the bridge.) I simply never got around to watching it in great quantity. I’d enjoyed what I’d seen (except for Wesley, bleh), I’d just never taken the time to get into it.

But I didn’t want to be one of those people who becomes a fan only when something new and shiny happens. So, in preparation for the movie, and in order to try to regain some of my credibility, I am now watching basically the entire original series. Cramming Star Trek, so to speak.

And I’m loving it. Like, when I show up to the movie in two weeks, I will legit be a fan.

So the question: how legit is this fan-ness?

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve been a fan for ages or that I’m a true Trekker/Trekkie (someone difference please?). But my excitement is real. My love of the series is real.

It just… started like 48 hours ago.

Legit yes/no?


3 thoughts on “beam me up

  1. I have always preferred Star Wars to Star Trek, but I have to admit, the new movie looks awesome!

    Okay, so now that I am on the Star Wars kick, have you ever seen Chad Vader?

    This never fails to make me laugh…

  2. i think the timeliness of your fandom shouldn’t matter. as long as you’ve walked the walk i think the average trekkie should welcome you among their ranks. if not, well, then, what a bunch of elitist pricks.

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