commuting in gracetopia

Commuting isn’t fun for anybody. Day in, day out, go this way, go that way. But my last few days have been particularly horrific.

1. Yesterday morning, I am on the bus, on my way to my T stop. It is a usual crowded morning bus, and I am standing near the windshield.

And the bus approaches a stoplight. At this stoplight, like many of its brethren stoplights, Direction North/South goes, then Direction East/West goes, and then the pedestrians go. We are Direction N/S, and the light just turns red as we approach. So then Direction E/W goes. And then it is time for the pedestrians to go, but the bus driver apparently doesn’t know this and starts going. Not just that inch you do when the light is about to turn, he actively begins moving. BUT WAIT there are pedestrians! BRAKE BRAKE!

So the bus driver brakes hard, and everyone goes flying forward. Including me. And I am basically at the front. I am off balance and I go flying and but for the huge bearded hippie dude who is much sturdier than I am, I would have gone through the windshield. So thank you huge bearded hippie dude.

2. Today on my subway ride home, someone threw up in my car. Like, just threw up and left.

I hate vomit. I hate it hate it hate it whether it comes from me or someone else.

I almost threw up as well. God the smell. It was horrible.

I can only wait to see what fun tomorrow will bring.


7 thoughts on “commuting in gracetopia

  1. and everyone on the train was just like, watching it trickle down the floor. like “hm where will it go?”

  2. I happen to love the commute; probably because I work inside a prison. Armed guards, security gates, and inmates make heavy traffic and high gas prices pretty tolerable.

    So I’m not a guard or anything, so at least the inmates aren’t out to get me (that I know of)…

  3. OMG that sounds absolutely awful! I live in Boston too, and I know all about the joys of taking public transport. But honestly, this sounds like the worst commuting day ever! I’ve taken to walking a lot, to avoid the majority of the craziness.

  4. Brandon, I do believe you are a freak of nature. “love the commute.” what planet do you hail from?

    Hi Mishi! Welcome! Yeah, the joys of the MBTA. I do try to walk home sometimes, but it takes an hour and a half, and usually I don’t want to do that after 8 hours at work.

    though sometimes I think it’d be faster…

  5. I’m starting an internship in London this Tuesday, so I’ll have to commute for at least two hours a day… I was hoping it would be a great opportunity to read lots of books, but after reading this I’m suddenly not so sure any more!

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