free book: Clublife by Rob the Bouncer

Another giveaway! A grown-up book this time.


In this behind-the-velvet-rope memoir, anonymous blogger Rob the Bouncer (Rob Fitzgerald) details his adventures working security at “Axis,” a dizzying composite of real-life New York nightclubs. Spending grungy nights working the “Nightmare Square” of club-choked West Chelsea, antagonized by feuding bosses and berated by the downgrading clientele, Rob has plenty of material for his misanthropic observations. He spends most nights playing God to a line-up of bankers, club kids and mobsters, ogling his bartender girlfriend and babysitting the VIP room for pocket cash. Rob is a likable, identifiable narrator, an average working guy dreaming of something better, genuinely aggrieved to be trading barbs with women drunk enough to chuck tampons at him.

Usual rules apply. If you want it, post a comment. I’ll choose a winner and mail you the book. Tray simple. (I always thought that’s how that was spelled until I started taking French…)


4 thoughts on “free book: Clublife by Rob the Bouncer

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  2. grace


    (I flipped a coin)

    email me your address and I’ll mail it to you.

    thanks for playing, guys.

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