boxes and books

It’s been a pretty eventful weekend here in Gracetopia. Well, really  just one major event. I unpacked my final box! I’m finally moved in!

The astute among you might remember that I moved here in December. So this is six months after I moved that I finally unpacked the final box. Hey, I’m not speedy but I get it done. Tortoise and hare, people. Tortoise and hare.

I mean, granted, there are three piles of stuff from this final box sitting on my floor, just piles because I don’t know where to put anything. But the box is gone, and that’s what’s important.

This final burst of unpacking was brought upon by a sudden desire to get my spring-cleaning done (okay, so maybe it’s summer by now, whatever I procrastinate). This process necessitated the purchase of a 2nd bookcase. Part of my cleaning yesterday was trying to get all my books on my bookcase, and I quickly came to realize that I had twice as many books as bookspace. So, 2nd bookcase! Which then led to one of my favorite activites: organizing my books. Seriously, I love organizing my books.

I may be a slight nerd.

I don’t organize by author, in case anyone was wondering. I organize by category. Within categories an author’s books are grouped together but the authors are not in alphabetical order. Mostly they’re grouped by size—my shelves must be pretty.

My categories, in descending order of size, are:

  • mysteries/true crime (4x larger than next category—this always surprises me)
  • sci-fi/fantasy
  • 19th-century lit
  • children’s books
  • books on writing/writers
  • graphic novels/comics (most of these could be incorporated into sci-fi/fantasy, above, but they look better if they get their own shelf)
  • 1900-1950 books (mostly Waugh and Wodehouse)
  • pre-1900 British lit (mostly Shakespeare)
  • Oscar Wilde (this was larger before the post office lost a box of my books)
  • “modern” fiction (anything after 1950 that I somehow ended up with… a complete hodgepodge)
  • non-fiction (mostly Victorian history)
  • my friends’ books (too small! get on it, guys)
  • miscellaneous (On Bullshit, something-or-other guide to London, 100 Greatest Hockey Players of All Time)

Any books that could go in more than one category go wherever they look the best or whichever category is more specific.

And there you have it, more than you ever wanted to know about how I organize my life.

Speaking of books, there’s still a free book available. Somebody must want it!


4 thoughts on “boxes and books


    no seriously, this is going to make me cry for years. I think I will blame you personally for this life disaster. YOU STOLE MY BOOKS TRAVIS.

  2. I organize my books the same way grace!
    My categories in descending size:

    Algonquin People
    Math Books
    20th Century psuedo-socialist fiction
    Books I got to research a character
    Gift books I’ve never read

    I have a little less of a range than you.

  3. just a little. also slightly fewer books, methinks.

    but I am glad Algonquin is your largest category. that makes me happy.

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