Buskin’ Donuts

I highly disapprove of the new Dunkin’ Donuts advertising campaign.

For the past two days on my way to work, I have passed men playing guitars, their cases open in front of them. (Different men, presumably different guitars.) As I approached the first day, I noticed that the upper half of the case was filled with a white sign—guitar-shaped, with printed lettering, obviously professionally done and way out of the price range of anyone who would be playing on the street for money.*

Then I saw the Dunkin’ Donuts logo, and I was like, “oh, they’re ads or something.”

Then I read the lettering. Because I have a mind like a sieve, I cannot reproduce the words verbatim** but the gist of it was: “Don’t give me your change! You can get breakfast for only 99 cents at Dunkin’ Donuts!”

You know who else could get breakfast for 99 cents at Dunkin’ Donuts? A person who really is playing on the street for money. You know, the person Dunks is encouraging you not to give your change to. 

(I do not remember what the sign I saw today said, but it was similar, though less negative.)

I mean, I get the concept. For the same amount of change that you’re just chucking on the street, you can buy our product! But giving money to buskers is not the same as chucking it on the street, and the fact that Dunks is advertising that you should buy their food instead of giving to the musicians really just annoys me. Really, Dunks? You couldn’t have come up with a better way to make the comparison that doesn’t involve you seemingly trying to steal business from street musicians?

I’m probably overreacting, and it’s not like I buy stuff at Dunkin’ Donuts anyway (yes I do live in Boston and yes I probably am about to get drummed out of the city), but it really did rub me the wrong way. And that’s the sort of thing I have a blog for.


*ie, “busking.” A word I love, but which I don’t think is very common?
**A word I learned from this man. I can say about few words that I know exactly where I learned them, and this is one.

3 thoughts on “Buskin’ Donuts

  1. That makes me really angry.

    The street musicians have no union, but I’m going to write DD an angry e-mail.

    Because that’s what I do.

  2. @Alt: street musicians *should* have a union! but your angry email is probably the next best thing.

    @Travis: yet another example of why I try not to mess with Texas.

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