I feel like I’ve been very slow recently. Like my brain hasn’t been firing on full power. Like I can’t really keep up with a normal human conversation because I have to keep tilting my head and going, “wait what?”

Maybe I need to sleep more.

Anyway. End preface, post proper.

Perhaps you have heard this story, perhaps not, either way, it’s so ridiculous and wtf that I had to share. From the BBC. Apparently this teenager from Belgium fell asleep while getting tattooed and ended up with 56 stars on her face instead of the 3 she asked for.

tattoo "victim" and tattoo "artist"


Point the first. Babe, you did NOT fall asleep while someone was tattooing your face. That is just… inaccurate.

Maybe you fainted? Maybe you were high or drunk? But who the fuck falls asleep when someone is tattoing. Their. Face.

Point the second. The inset is the tattoo artist. If you think it is a good idea to let that man loose on your face with ink, you kind of deserve what you get. Not to mention the fact that he has plug piercings in the sides of his nose. It’s a rare man who can pull off having plugs in his ears—but nose?? And he has, like, an octopus mouth. Why is it a good idea to let that man anywhere near you at all, whether or not he’s holding a tattoo gun?

Now, the artist claims that this is exactly what the girl asked for, that he had her stand up and look in the mirror every now and then to make sure it was all going according to plan. And while yes he does look like a crazyman, I’m more inclined to believe him here. Tattoo artists tend to be careful since their work is so permanent and all, and if I were tattooing a teenager’s face I’d want to make sure everything was perfect. And like, if my client fell asleep, I’d maybe stop and make sure she hadn’t fainted? Or died? Maybe I’m granting him too much common sense, but look at the dude. He knows his way around a tattoo parlor.

Of course, if she was on something and not capable of making coherent decisions, all bets are off and the tattoo artist is totally at fault. (laws about tattooing drunk/high people in Belgium? anyone?)

Finally I have to say I actually like the tattoo. Like, I wouldn’t want it on me. But the right girl could pull it off. And I may have to write such a girl into a story at some point. Hmmmm.


6 thoughts on “stargirl

  1. Actually, aside from the last two on her chin, I think it looks pretty cool! And given that the stars are not all identical and seem to be arranged artistically? I’m guessing she gave the guy carte blanche so long as he stuck to stars.

  2. yeah that’s what I did with mine, Vixen. I was like, I want this sorta thing, with these words. and he sorta drew the vines where the leaves would go. and I was like that’s good. and then he tattooed me. and I love it.

    and yeah xenophilicx, if you’re going to emulate someone, choose someone with more reasonable tattoos.

  3. i liked your thoughts in the article.
    but seeing how you don’t know anything about the girl at all, you can’t say she “can’t” fall asleep during a tattoo on her face. i have known people that have fallen asleep while getting tattoos on their faces. its all about pain tolerance. and maybe the tattoo artist made some poor choices with the facial tattoos and stuff in your eyes but if thats what he wants then thats good for him, it doesnt make him crazy or anything. although it wouldnt be an ideal for me either haha
    just don’t judge things you don’t really know (i know, a moment of hypocrisy for me). im just saying.

  4. hi there! thanks for commenting!

    yes I admit I’m being totally judgmental without actually knowing any of the people involved. :) I do that quite frequently, and I never mean any harm by it.

    I’m still incredulous that someone could fall asleep getting their face tattooed, but if you say it happens… wow. cannot even imagine.

    and I maintain that the guy is freaky looking, but I totally support whatever kind of body mod people want to do to themselves. as long as he’s happy.

    really I was more entertained by the whole thing than heavily judging anyone. didn’t mean to offend! and again, thanks for stopping by, and I totally appreciate anonymous negative comments that are NOT vitriolic and rude. :) (definitely have received those)

    (the girl did later admit that she had lied about falling asleep, btw)

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