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So last night I went to see Reel Big Fish at the House of Blues. (If it seems like I only go to see shows at the House of Blues, well, that may be true. No comment.) I arrived, and we did the normal checking my ID and going through security thing. And then I entered.

And WTF.

The main floor was full of teenagers. Mostly boys. Not like older teenage boys who are barely not old enough to drink, but like teenage boys with acne and braces and gawkiness. Whoa.

Okay, I say to myself. Just go get yourself a beer and it’ll all be okay.

But—what? The bar does not seem to be open. I mean, they gave me a wristband at the door, so there must be booze somewhere but the bars are totally unpopulated and the liquor area is covered.

I inquire as to the possiblity of acquiring a beer and am told that alcohol is onlyserved on the 2nd and 3rd floors. What. Okay.

So alcohol is only available upstairs. I can deal with this… mishap. Besides, we’re just at the opening acts. So I get me some beer, and I watch the teenage mosh pit that forms during the opener—the Supervillains, they’re actually pretty good—and I am sort of shocked by how silly mosh pits look from above. Like, maybe it’s just because it was a skank mosh pit, but it looked like a bunch of ants running around. Really.

The second opening act was the English Beat, apparently celebrating their 30th anniversary. They were way good. They would have been a fun show to go to all on their own. Seriously. Like, they didn’t reach their full show potential, but I could see the potential.

Um, that didn’t really make sense, but anyway, so I chugged one final beer and went downstairs in time for Reel Big Fish to show up. It took them a while, but they finally did show up. And they put on a really good show. Ska shows are fun. Everyone pretends like they know how to skank, but they don’t really (I don’t exclude myself from this), and they “skank” in a big circle/mosh pit thing going around and around. Lots of fun. Lots of bruises.

So overall a good show. Lots of energy. Tons of fun.

My next show at HoB is Tracy Chapman, which will be a totally different flavor—or Rise Against if I can get a ticket. Anyone? Anyone?

Let’s end with a bit of RBF:

P.S. And if you got this far without realizing I was totally trashed while writing this, well, good on you. ;)

P.P.S. And just to be clear, there were people there aside from teenage boys—40-year-old men in khaki shorts and polo shirts, for instance. I wasn’t the only person older than 15. Also some older couples and some of the hardcore concert boys in their 20s who go to every show available. So yeah. I wasn’t the only weirdo in the crowd.


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  1. I was in that mosh pit when I was 16, I may have been the only girl. I think I saw rbf twice actually.

  2. @anna: there were three girls in this mosh pit, including me. obviously RBF is expanding their fan base.

    @vixen: yes.

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