the opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation

Ahm. So. In the past week, I have seen Rent live… 3 times.

Contrary to what it may appear, I am not a “RENT-head.” At least I wasn’t.

It was one of those shows I’d heard about, but never gotten around to, and I was dubious because it was so popular. (I am Opposite Girl, at least I like to think of myself as such.) But hey it was coming to Boston so I bought myself a ticket for last Wednesday.

And I went. And God it was good.


This was even with an understudy as Roger. One of the big draws of this tour is that Roger and Mark are the original Roger and Mark, but  hey I was a n00b I didn’t care. The understudy could sing. And he had a mohawk! Love. But I went, and I enjoyed, but it left me with a “whoa one viewing isn’t nearly enough to capture all that just happened in that show.”

But, since I’m lazy, that wouldn’t have led to any further action on my part if I hadn’t had a friend coming to town specifically to see this show.

This friend (Hannah, we will call her, it being her name), is actually a legit RENT-head.  I mean, she flew in from DC to see the show, since she couldn’t go when it was in DC. And I met her for breakfast yesterday, and I was like, “wtf, I’ll just rush the matinee she’s going to, not like I have any big plans for my Saturday afternoon.” So I rushed.

And the original Roger was there. And it was a pretty damn good show. I mean, it was pretty damn good. I could feel the RENT-headedness seeping into me, just a little. I wasn’t quite there yet, the matinee was a little shaky in some respects, and I was still feeling my way. But I liked it enough that when Hannah and her bf decided to try to rush the evening show (since they’d flown up specifically to see Rent, they might as well try to see it twice, right?) I thought “heck why not?” and decided to tag along. I mean, I like Hannah, I was liking Rent, what did I have to lose? So the three of us rushed last night’s performance.

And wow. Everything finally clicked.

rapp & pascal

The actors were spot on. They couldn’t have been better. Roger was like a god onstage, hitting notes I didn’t even think possible. Mimi was once again fantastic, really absolutely perfect, as was Mark.

And Angel. HOmygod Angel.


Angel was played by a Justin Johnston, and he is one of those actors who just—Wednesday night he walked onstage for his first number, “Today for you, tomorrow for me,” and the air just crackled with his presence. It crackled, I could feel it all the way in the balcony. He was spectacular. My God. It practically killed me, his level of awesome.

So I lost my train of thought somewhere, but yeah. Rent. Basically fabulous. I came to late to the party to be a proper RENT-head, but I can be Generation II right? I mean I saw it 3 times in a week, that must count for something.


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  1. I hear you. I went to see it in San Diego a few weeks ago and literally sobbed through the entire thing because I was so overwhelmed.

    Now I sound crazy.

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