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So I’m always a little leery of concerts that are not going to involve mosh pits. Even if I have no desire to be in said mosh pit, that’s the kind of music I usually see in concert, so I know how to behave. So I was a bit wary of Tracy Chapman. She didn’t seem like a mosh pit kind of gal. I didn’t really know what to expect.

My arrival did nothing to ease my worries. All of the concert-goers were so fucking annoying. I wanted to kill the 40-something couple in line behind me. There’s a point where you just have to stop being a cutesy couple, and 40-something is well past it. And inside—well, at first glance it was the most diverse crowd I’ve ever seen at the House of Blues. There were old couples, young couples, groups of girls, groups of boys, a large selection of lone men and women, families, and of all colors and nationalities. But they did have something in common: how obnoxious they all were. Maybe it was just because there were so many people there, but everyone was rude and pushy, and people were having loud obnoxious conversations even after Chapman had started playing, and everyone was just generally not someone I would want to go to a concert with at all. I mean, this isn’t totally a uniform statement. There was a trio of boys who were dressed like douchebags and who I would never expect at a Tracy Chapman concert and who I would never talk to in real life, but they were remarkably amusing when I spoke to them at the bar.

That was a long long paragraph of me complaining about my fellow concert-goers. Apologies. On to the show.


Tracy Chapman is basically the shit. She was friendly and chatty between songs—she was kicking off her US tour after being in Europe, and she was so thrilled to be somewhere she could speak with the crowd instead of stretching the bits of every foreign lnaguage she knew. Also she apparently went to Tufts and spent the past two days wandering around my area of Boston, going to the Coop and taking the T at Harvard Square and how did I not see her??? Bah.

And boy can that woman sing. Like, seriously. My God. She has the voice of an angel. She sang all of her big hits (“Fast Car,” that Revolution one, that other one that’s really famous) as well as some new things and it was just overall wonderful. And oh my god she ended with “Proud Mary,” Tina Turner style. There aren’t even words for how amazing that was.

So yeah, overall a good experience, even though I am still confused about the crowd. How can so many Tracy Chapman fans be annoying? She’s so much awesome. It just doesn’t make sense. Oh well. She was cool enough for everyone.


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  1. Since I love so much of this generation’s music I miss not seeing any of it live. The reasons you illustrated for being annoyed by the crowd are among why I cannot go any more. Any more being for the last 30 or so years.

    I know the singers and songwriters would like to have huge attendance but I buy a huge amount of their output to play on and on later.

    One thing that kind of surprised me was that a couple over 40 might be wise to not go to this kind of event. I don’t attend because I cannot. If I could muster the courage or drunkenness to somehow find my way to one I would not think my age caused problems with the ‘fans.”

    Don’t mean nothin’, though…

  2. hey thanks for commenting tangolimagolf–when I was talking about the 40-somethings I just meant that I wanted them to stop being cutesy and barf-inducing right behind me. I hate that in all couples, frankly, but I feel like the older you get the more you should know better. I don’t mind people in their 40s or any age going to concerts (mind? I fully support it) as long as they don’t annoy me. it’s all about me, really. :)

    you should go see live music! the right artist (ie Tracy Chapman) is totally worth putting up with obnoxious people.

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