coming at you live from the couch

Labor Day! 1pm and I’m still in my pajamas! Sitting in the living room with the kitty watching America’s Next Top Model and eating ice cream. Om. Love holidays.

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything of substance; mother and brother were here for a week, so I was doing familial things. Technically the brother is still here, he’s going to college down the street, but he’s a busy and important student now and doesn’t have time for me.

So here’s a post of… some substance? I haven’t really done anything substantial recently. Saw Star Trek again… um yeah.

Went and saw Motörhead last night. I didn’t have quite as much fun as I usually do at concerts because when I got there (er, 7:30ish?) I was still hungover from the previous night’s shenanigans. Yeah… So I got some water and Red Bull from the bar, but the sight of alcohol made me kind of gag, so not only was I sleep-deprived and with an already pounding head when the music started, I was sober through the entire thing. Interesting experience. But mmm death metal != world’s best hangover cure. I mean, it was fun. I enjoyed the music. I didn’t enjoy being hit on by sketchy 40-year-olds, but whatever. It happens. But yeah. My poor head.

I also decided that I feel safest at metal concerts. Like, I was noticing how scary everyone was—all the death metal boys with their plugged ears and their walls of tattoos and all the girls with their ox-nose piercings (wtf? people this is NOT a hot piercing). And then I realized that if there was a sudden disaster, like a zombie attack or something, these were the people I wanted with me. I mean, dude. Nobody’s going to fuck with a thousand metalheads. They will take your ass down.

Pretty sure I haven’t really done anything else of note the past couple of weeks. Definitely haven’t written anything.

Hm. Oh there was a book I was going to review but I’ve forgotten now.