a moment in the life

Two nights ago I had a total “city person” moment.

There I was, drifting off to sleep next to an open window, lalala zzzzz when suddenly I hear a primal scream. It’s like a full-throated help-me-God scream of rage and fear, and it’s no more than two houses away.

I roll over. “Huh,” I think. “Someone just screamed.”

Yes, I’m a jaded city dweller. If you’re going to get mugged, don’t do it outside my window because I will apparently not care.


4 thoughts on “a moment in the life

  1. I’m in withdrawl here… hope all is well and looking forward to another entertaining installment from the front lines in gracetopia!

  2. You did not dissapoint! As always, your insightful commentary is dead on:
    1) jackass
    2) dumbass
    3) sucked
    4) I feel a little creepy talking about the blue dong with you now… As you mentioned a BFF, you are obviously 12 :-)
    5) I would have referenced Red Dawn instead of Road House. WOLVERINES!!!

  3. my 12-year-old self is going to come out of the past and beat you up :P

    and Road House is the best movie ever don’t even try to deny it.

    “you play pretty well for a blind white guy.”
    “well aren’t you a little short for a bouncer?”


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