a moment in the life

Two nights ago I had a total “city person” moment.

There I was, drifting off to sleep next to an open window, lalala zzzzz when suddenly I hear a primal scream. It’s like a full-throated help-me-God scream of rage and fear, and it’s no more than two houses away.

I roll over. “Huh,” I think. “Someone just screamed.”

Yes, I’m a jaded city dweller. If you’re going to get mugged, don’t do it outside my window because I will apparently not care.


4 thoughts on “a moment in the life

  1. Brandon

    You did not dissapoint! As always, your insightful commentary is dead on:
    1) jackass
    2) dumbass
    3) sucked
    4) I feel a little creepy talking about the blue dong with you now… As you mentioned a BFF, you are obviously 12 :-)
    5) I would have referenced Red Dawn instead of Road House. WOLVERINES!!!

  2. my 12-year-old self is going to come out of the past and beat you up :P

    and Road House is the best movie ever don’t even try to deny it.

    “you play pretty well for a blind white guy.”
    “well aren’t you a little short for a bouncer?”


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