boston book fest

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Hello! Today Gracetopia is blogging at you LIVE from the Boston Book Festival. It’s the first one, which is kind of shocking; you’d think Boston’s Book Fest would be old and established since the city always goes on about how old and historical and established it is. Oh well.

It’s fantastic, even if it is a little grayer and damper and pouring rainier than one might desire. They seem to have gotten a good turnout, though I can’t really judge. The session I went to at 12:30 was overflowing. On a related note, I would like to say that John Hodgman is the shit.


The session was in a beautiful old church, and like I said packed to the rafters, and the first thing he says is, “I’ve always wanted my own megachurch!”

He said many other interesting, witty, and even useful things, as well, on writing and on life. He talked about rooting for your writing friends to do well and then wanting to punch them in the gut when they do. He talked about how the internet has changed the concept of being a writer. He talked about hobos. Truly a fabulous show. Tom Perrotta was his interviewer/companion/interlocutor. Also quite funny.

And now I am in the beautiful courtyard of the Boston Public Library, sheltered under some arches and gratefully using their free internet, writing until it’s time for Orhan Pamuk at 5.

Which brings me toooooo…

Writing Update: 10,257 words since Sunday!