happy saturday!

Hi kids! Miss me? I’ve missed yoooou.

This week has been odd. I’ve just been… dead. I honestly would not have been able to make it through this week without the massive quantities of Red Bull that I consumed. I don’t really know why. Guess my rock star lifestyle is catching up with me…


Things I have done in the past week:

  • Bought tickets to the Flogging Molly show in February at the House of Blues Boston. I am so. Excited.
  • Wrote 3500 words in one day for my NaNo novel, which is a record. I hate this book. I really do. I like the concept, and I like a few of my characters. My MC is turning more and more into a Mary Sue the more bored/stressed I get, because it’s easier. Aside from that 3500 I haven’t gotten much done. I am so behind. I am pretty sure that I am going to fail NaNo horribly in a big fiery ball of fail.
  • Went to my first proper drag show. Definitely need to do that more often. There are some fierce drag queens in this town.
  • At work, moved from my half-office to a cubicle. This sounds bad, but I got a SHINY NEW COMPUTER out of the deal. I mean really. It’s so shiny. You don’t even understand. SHINY.
  • Watched Project Runway finale. (yes, my life is thrilling, why do you ask?) God this season was boring.
  • Tried to go see A Civil War Christmas at the Huntington Theater. It was basically unwatchable, so we stopped watching it. Went and ate noodles instead. I think that’s the second time I’ve left a theater mid-production.
  • Went on a ThinkGeek shopping spree! Bought this and this and this. Still don’t have the tauntaun sleeping bag, though… hint. hint hint.
  • Hmmm I think that’s it? Going to Providence to see Rent tomorrow, also my friend in a show at Brown. (I am unclear on the details, should probably figure that out soon…)

I will probably be blogging sparsely for the rest of the month b/c of NaNo.

(also, today I am amusing myself by coloring random words in my post. haha wow I am so cool.)


2 thoughts on “happy saturday!

  1. COLORS!!!!

    I have a deep love of Flogging Molly. And drag shows.

    Basically, if my life didn’t rock too, I’d be stealing your identity. And your wardrobe.

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