boxing day

I would like it to be noted that I am not quite lame enough to blog on Christmas Day. (Of course, if you don’t give a fuck about Christmas feel free to blog nonstop.)

I am, however, lame enough to get a small thrill every time the House of Blues Boston retweets me. hehehe.

SO. Merry Day-After Christmas, everyone. Boxing Day, some call it. I don’t know why America doesn’t do Boxing Day. Great invention.

There is really no point to this post, or this day. I’m just sitting around, trying to decide which of the mountain of leftovers I want for lunch. So many options. Also which movie to watch. So few options. My parents have a pretty small DVD collection (I mean, it includes a pile of Kurosawa, so I can’t complain) and Netflix and the Montana internet don’t quite get along.

Unfortunately, I have a sudden urge to watch a horrible 80s slasher flick, of which—I know you’re all shocked—my parents have none.

Well. This post is a waste of internet space. Oh well. I hope you all had a lovely December 25th whether you care about candy canes/Jesus or not, and I will try to be more interesting next time I poke my head out of the depths of the webs.