gay smackdown

Am I the only person who wishes the Neil Patrick Harris/John Barrowman gay-off could be decided with a mud-wrestling match?

For those of you who are out of this particular loop, After Elton, which I guess is some gay magazine thing? I don’t really know? is asking its readers to vote for the gay man of the decade. After the first round, NPH and The Barrowman were way out ahead but were separated by only TWENTY votes.

Let us take a moment and provide pictures for people who may be confused about who we’re speaking of here.

John Barrowman

with clothes, as Capt. Jack Harkness (of Torchwood/Doctor Who fame)
without shirt and covered in water

Neil Patrick Harris

with clothes, as Dr. Horrible
without clothes, but with shampoo bottle

So yes, these are the contestants.

Someone else has done a much better recap than I could ever do, but basically this has turned into a huge, adorable twitter fight. The celebs are lining up for NPH, but Neil Gaiman just threw his hat in for the Barrowman. It’s sort of a battle of Doctor Who fans vs. Dr. Horrible fans, which leaves me torn.

What do I do??? These are my favorite gay men on the planet! How can I decide??

So that is why I hereby propose shirtless mud-wrestling. That’s the only way to settle this fairly. Hell, we can even go pantsless too, if the participants are game.

And yes, this blog post is just bringing the objectification this evening.


I decided to give my vote to Team Barrowman, for two reasons. 1) I like Torchwood better than How I Met Your Mother and 2):

He is being kissed by dogs and wearing a Transformers t-shirt. nnngghhh.


6 thoughts on “gay smackdown

  1. Am I the only person who wishes the Neil Patrick Harris/John Barrowman gay-off could be decided with a mud-wrestling match?

    Hell no. Put it on pay-per-view and use the proceeds to charity.

  2. Dang. Cap’n Jack has the hotness factor, but Doogie has the adorableness factor. Cap’n Jack has the coolness factor, but Doogie has the geek factor.

    You mean I have to CHOOSE?

  3. oh this is SOOO hard!!! i LOVO Torchwood and I LOVE Dr Horrible… this is impossible to choose! <3
    and i agree that this can ONLY be solved by a wrestling match :))))

  4. Mudwrestling: The Musical-Right?

    It might as well be a PROPER Charity event, so it Ought to be Refereed by Alan Cumming and it really Should have a ‘WHorrible’ Commentary by Nathan Fillion & David Tennet if it’s going to be a ‘Proper PPV’ that is.

    I’ll take the time off work, I’m such a ‘good’ person (<~note my charitability, be in awe & appreciate it.) And I'll be the Gal that walks round the ring holding up the numbers, rings the bell for the fellas & sploosh them with water in between rounds.

    (I'm just TOO awesome. I know..I'm a humanitarian..I impress 'myself' with my acts of kindness 'ALL' the time too. Don't applaud & don't throw $$, save it to donate for the 'Charity Mud Wre$tling Event'–may the Best Man win..please be Jack..I mean Barrowman.)

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