2010 goals, so far

Since I know everyone is fascinated with the trials and tribulations of my life, I thought I’d give y’all a brief update on how my New Year’s goals are going. (Poorly, is the cliff’s notes version.)

I mean, most everything is a long-term 2010 goal. The finishing, the eating better, etc. However, there was one you may recall:

Write at least 500 words per day.

Okay guys, game time! Guess how many days this year I have managed to do this. Guess! Guess!

Those of you who guessed “zero” all get a prize. Here, have a chocolate bunny.

So yeah. So far failing at that.

One thing I am being successful at, so far, is eating slightly better. At the very least, I’m eating more cheaply and making all my food at home. AND, I’m 2/2 for making bread on Sundays. Today’s loaves were slightly more burned than one might hope for in ones bread, but still good, and yay sandwiches for the week!

So, I guess I could write now. Currently I’m watching M (aka, one of my favorite movies of all time) while my cat bounces off the walls and chases pennies. I guess I could write.



2 thoughts on “2010 goals, so far

  1. I think 500 wds a day was probably too ambitious. What about 500 words a week? Or twenty words a day? Or how about this: every day, without fail, you will at least *open* the file and look at it. And if you want to, you can immediately close it again and watch a movie.

    I know that may seem like a really pathetic goal, but you’re talking to someone who occasionally puts “shower” on her to do list, just so she can feel she accomplished anything at all.

    I believe in this technique. Because really, for you, the hard part is getting started — because when you think of writing, you think ugh. But if you just looked over what you’ve written every day, the characters would be actively living with you, and new stories would form in your head as you walked around and baked bread and whatnot, and then won’t be able to wait to write them down!

    Or I mean, it might not be that easy, but it’s worth a shot.

    Anyway, WOW FRESH BAKED BREAD that is so awesome! And eating better. Those are huge and I am very impressed.

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