New York + SCBWI + Suzanne and Sophie = Win

So let’s see if I can adequately describe this weekend I had.

First, a reminder: Enter to win Suzanne Young’s debut, THE NAUGHTY LIST! I was with her at her first signing yesterday, at the SCBWI conference in New York, and the book SOLD OUT. Here’s a pic of Suz IN ACTION:

I’ll be drawing a name Wednesday night. (I don’t remember what day I said in the original post, but I am hereby declaring it to be Wednesday.)

So yes, SCBWI.

It was everything I could have hoped for and more. First, Sophie and I prepared for our big surprise entrance—Naughty List shirts! We didn’t quite bring Suzanne to tears (which was my ultimate evil goal) but I like to think we came close. Here we are with our shiny new signed copies:

(btw, I am blatantly stealing all these picture’s from Suzanne’s blog—check it out!)

So we spent the first day hanging around with Suz while she did her awesome conference blogger thing. Afterwards, Soph and I hiked back to our hotel through the bitter bitter cold, stopping partway to enjoy some classic NY diner food. Yummmm.

Sunday was just me, because Sophie had to go home to “go to school” or some BS like that. I spent the afternoon with Suz while she did her first ever book signing. People loved her! And there were so many who were so upset when the book was gone. THEN, I ended up at lunch with some truly fantastic people who I am going to keep anonymous so I don’t feel like a name-dropping heel. But wow, I felt like a rockstar.

Unfortunately, come mid-afternoon it was time to catch the sketchy Chinatown bus home. Nobody was having phone sex this time, so it was a much more enjoyable ride than the last time I took Lucky Star to New York. (At least, for me.)

So. A couple of things I took away from SCBWI:

1. I want to be a writer. The conference basically reignited my desire. Being around writers and industry people in general is always a good spark, but I think this time it just made it… tangible? somehow. Like, oh yeah, THIS is the dream you’re shooting for, Grace. It is real, it doesn’t just happen to people in the movies.

2. The authors I had lunch with gave me some reassuring words about heavy subject matter in YA fiction, and I was just generally encouraged to keep going. It was wonderful.

3. I really want to go to SCBWI LA. Can I afford this? Probably not. Can I dream? Yes.

So, thank you to everyone I met who was so awesome, especially to Suzanne. I had a truly fantastic weekend.

(P.S. Here’s the official SCBWI blog if you want the real low-down.)


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