Here we have a post in which Grace shamelessly pimps out things she likes.

So. A couple of days ago somebody, knowing my preference for the 1980s Transformers, handed me a small book:

A 20-something girl in a dress and heels gets some pretty funny looks reading this on the subway, let me tell you. Especially when she’s giggling maniacally.

But my God is it good. It details the tragic battle between the Awesomebots and the Fantasticons, which eventually leads them to Earth, and it’s pretty much as amazing as it sounds.


(Slightly longer excerpt here.)

And not only is the book AWESOME—I wrote my first-ever author-fan letter in response to this book, and Jeffrey Brown responded in approximately 3 hours, which pretty much made my day. Dear Mr. Brown, I love you.

Anyway. If you like the old Transformers and/or things that are funny, you should check this book out. Brown has written other comics (for which I think he is better-known… I’m not really sure) in an entirely different genre, which I will be reading shortly.


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