Flogging Molly FTW

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the House of Blues, but I think Flogging Molly was a good way to break that sad streak. Absolutely fab show.

I do have one little gripe about the venue (the first time this has ever happened at gracetopia!). Like I said, it’s been a while, but in the interim the HOB has installed about 6-8 LCD screens around the floor and at the bars. I disapprove wholeheartedly. I don’t like being advertised at while I’m waiting for the show to start, and I don’t like the insinuation that if you can’t see the show, these screens are an acceptable alternative. They aren’t. You may as well just stay home and watch the DVD. Now, granted, I spent most of the show close enough to the front that the screens weren’t actually in my view, but STILL. Dislike.

ANYWAY. On to the awesomeness.

The first opener, the Architects, were decent. Not great, but decent. Then the second opener was this guy named Frank Turner, who was fantastic. I totally loved his music, and he is an amazing stage show. Like, he’s one of those people who is doing exactly what he should be doing with his life. Also, I think I’ve seen him before. Really. Strangest sense of dejá vù.

Then Flogging Molly came on stage.

Spectacular. The end.

(N.B. Not only do I write KILLER music reviews (see above!) I let them sit in my “drafts” list for like WEEKS after the show! good job Grace!)


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