I never win things. Never ever ever.

But today.

On twitter, Amanda Fucking Palmer held a contest—she’d choose two random people who retweeted her next tweet, and those people would win tickets to the upcoming Evelyn Evelyn concert at Oberon in Harvard Square.

And I entered.

And I won.

I honestly stared at my username for a full minute, slightly dazed, sure I was reading it wrong. But no. I gave AFP my name, and now I’m on the guest list for Monday 12th, and SHE PROMISED TO HUG ME AND I’M HOLDING HER TO IT.

I am so. Fucking. Excited.

(and if you happen to go, say hi! I have red glasses and a leafy tattoo on my back. I will probably be somewhat intoxicated, which means I’ll be your friend instantly.)



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