in which I live up to my name

So I can’t type very well since I smashed my thumb into my dresser last night. (It was awesome. I was trying to move around my room in the dark, failed, tripped, and did that awesome windmill thing with my arms, which led to my hand smacking superhard into the solid wood dresser. It was pretty much slapstick.) It’s the thumb I use for the space key, and it’s hard to switch—so many years of habit. So mostly I’m just typing at half my usual rate, which is ridiculously obnoxious.

And that was more than you wanted to know about my thumb.

CURRENTLY I am watching Perry Mason. Oh the memories. When I was a child, I watched this show more religiously than any other, including all my cartoons combined. Oh Paul Drake. Oh Della Street. Oh Perry Mason. Love love love. My first cat was named Perry Mason. True Story.

NICHE UPDATE. Basically, people make this shit up as they go along, and nobody in America speaks the same English. NEESH got the most votes, with NEITHER in second place. Best answer came from milesbelli: Nietzsche. Research in action, folks!

Hm. It appears my thumb has a red spot on it. This doesn’t strike me as a good sign.

Perry Mason quote of the day: “Objection! This is improper cross-examination. It is incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial!” — D.A. Hamilton Burger

end transmission


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  1. I’m going to change my email signature to read simply ‘end transmission’ just to cause confusion in the office. Everyone is probably tired of my current signature “Have you ever had that itch on the roof of your mouth that only a gun barrel could scratch”. I don’t know who to attribute that quote to, but it made me laugh! New theme is purdy…

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