to delete or not to delete


I hate Facebook. Like really, I’m over it.

I was one of the first wave—I joined freshman year of college, Fall 2004, when it was only open to select colleges. Not even all colleges. Select colleges. When people were still waiting with bated breath to see if their college would be next.

At first I didn’t understand it.

Then I loved it.

Then they allowed pictures—not just profile pictures, but other pictures, that other people could tag of you. That was the first step towards loss of control of your own profile. Everyone was outraged of course, then they adapted. It led to the highly-irritating habit of people taking 500 pictures of, like, every single night out or trip to the mall or whatever. But people adapted. You could block your pictures from view if you wanted. (I do.)

So then they started allowing high school students. And everyone thought the end had come. Complaints were loud and angry, but Facebook held firm. I still don’t know how they policed it (you had to be recommended by another high school student? or something?) but ok, fine, we got used to it.

Then they let EVERYONE in.

I mean, there were other steps too. I don’t remember the order. Various facelifts. The newsfeed. (Oh my god, the newsfeed. Remember that crisis?) Various privacy issues. Ads. The Tragedie of Scrabulous. Applications/Boxes/Whatever They Are. I don’t even remember all of the “updates.” I tried to ignore as many as I could, keeping my profile pretty plain.

But it was when they let everyone in that they started to lose me. If I want to have a platform where everyone on the internet can find me, I can just keep a blog.

Oh hey.

I still like the original idea of Facebook. I like the idea of an online college-student-communication-tool-thingy. An interactive online yearbook, like it started out. That was useful, when I was in college. But this—this behemoth? No. Dislike. Basically, everything Facebook has done since (& including) the photos has only annoyed me more and more and more. And oh my heck I am very strongly not in favor of the internet-wide “like” thing that just happened. And then today I couldn’t get to my profile without “linking” or some shit.

I’m just… over it.

At some point in the past year, I realized the newsfeed was the only part of Facebook I actually used and enjoyed, so I joined Twitter. So now the past few months I’ve realized that the only reason I’ve stuck around Facebook so long is that it is literally the only way I communicate with some particular people.

But between Twitter and this blog, people can get in touch with me if they want to. I have multiple email addresses. I could start using my real name here, so I show up in Google. Hell, I could write letters to people. (I know, what?)

Basically, this is all to say that I’m pretty sure I’m going to be shutting down my account over the next few days. So long, Facebook, and thanks for all the fish.


7 thoughts on “to delete or not to delete

  1. I’ve already deleted mine. Well, deactivated. It will only be deleted if you stay logged out for 14 days after deactivation. You know something is sketchy when they make it so hard to opt-out.

  2. @sophie trudat

    @Travis well, it had to happen somewhere ;)

    @Andy really? that’s annoying. it’s like they’re going “awww c’mon, you know you’ll want to come back… really? you’re leaving? you sure? that’s okay, we’ll leave it open so you can still come back for the next few days, you know you’ll want to, AND THEN WE WILL HOOK YOU AGAIN BWAHAHAHA. I mean. what?” (that was my impression of an anthropomorphic facebook)

    @amy you’ll always see me around. and if worstest comes to worstest, I have like 3 email addresses for you.

  3. I need facebook for A. connecting with teenagers (CREEPY but they’re the readers and most of them are on facebook, not twitter) and B. keeping in touch with people form high school (who are also not on twitter).

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