to delete

It’s done.

It’s gone.

Now I just have to stay logged out for 14 days to make it permanent.

Bye Facebook!


I noticed, as I was going through my list of friends, that with maybe 3 exceptions I already had the info I needed. Yeah, maybe I had someone’s phone number but not their email, or vice versa, but I could contact them if necessary. And for the 3, there are friends of friends. I could have made do.

And I forgot, during my off-the-cuff rant the other day, one of my pet peeves about Facebook: how obnoxious “the relationship status” is. Not all relationships can be defined by their little boxes. And on a more selfish level, it’s really fucking annoying when your friends are fighting and are in and out of a “relationship” five times a day—because dear God, in the midst of all the drama we must keep Facebook accurate.

Quitting Facebook, like the actual technical process, is really quite easy. The only reason it took me a couple of hours was that I had a computer die about a year ago and take all my pictures with it because I still hadn’t learned to back everything up. So I spent a couple of hours saving some pictures that I needed, and then I hit delete.

And now we wait.


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