oh, Boston

Boston’s a great place to live right now. Between the fire on the T and the undrinkable water, yes, yes indeed, this is the sparkling gem of New England. (I kid, Boston, I kid. You know I love you.)

Aside from the panic-buying of water (guys… you know you can just boil it, right?) and the slower commute (“because of Thursday night’s incident”*) the main effect of the past week’s shenanigans is how overly-grouchy the Boston population is. Why? you ask.

Because Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks aren’t serving coffee.**

I know.

The world has ended.

*said in such a way that they were obviously given the word from on high.

**except in Cambridge. those peeps have their own water supply, so their coffee is still safe for human consumption.


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