from infinity down to 10 inches

At some point in the near future, I will have a new toy.

It will look like this:

Except I’ll be dressed better when I’m using it, obviously.

Thanks to the marvelous Travis, I will soon be the owner of an original SX-70 Polaroid camera. I had been musing on Twitter about purchasing the new Polaroid 300, which is adorable and comes in RED but is expensive and only makes photos that are the size of a business card. (ew.) And musing on Twitter led to Travis offering me his original! Because Travis is THE BEST!

So soon soon soon I will have this awesome new toy to play with.

Film is an issue, since Polaroid stopped making real Polaroids like last year (two years ago? I forget) and therefore they don’t make film anymore either. So the only supplier is the The Impossible Project, which took over an old Polaroid factory and recreated the process. (Check out their story, they’re cool.) However, it’s hella expensive and ships from like Mars or somewhere (or Holland). So I’ll be starting slow.

But I am SUPER excited.

Stay tuned for updates on the SX-70 learning process (because uh yeah I’ve never used one before) and pictures I take if a) I can figure out how to work the camera and b) I can figure out how to scan them.



3 thoughts on “from infinity down to 10 inches

  1. At first I thought this post was going to be about something else… the iPad.
    Do you have an iPhone? If you do you should try Hipstamatic, a lo-res camera app that has gotten me addicted to iPhone snapshots and Flickr. There are a lot of filters that you can use and the pictures come out like old style polaroids or film from a cheap plastic camera.

  2. No, I don’t have an iPhone–I’m kind of afraid of them tbh. I think it’s kind of funny that people are using bright new technology to create old-style photos. Do you post your photos anywhere?

    Really, I’m more of an “obsolete gizmo” girl than a “shiny new gizmo” girl. :)

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